Supporting clients with issues surrounding the capital structure of the organization. This service focuses on mergers, acquisitions, capital budgeting and asset management, financial planning and the development of operational models.

Acquisition Support

If you are considering a merger, acquisition or sale of your company, you are not going to do that just like that. It is a careful process that requires the buyer and salesperson to assess whether the company's long-term strategies are aligned; corporate culture should match and financial performance should be in line with expectations. A’doyas Financial Services professionals can assist you during this process.


When companies are in financial difficulties, they can call on this service. The customer is supported in getting a grip on the crisis situation. The services are insolvency management, restructuring and debt management.

Valuation Services

A’doyas Financial Services offers mergers and acquisitions, estate planning and bankruptcy support services.

Financial Forecasting & Modeling

To be in control, every organization should set up a financial information system to manage control. It is important that budgets are based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that a company strives for or expects. By implementing a good financial model, the impact of changes in the KPIs on the results of the coming years can be determined and monitored.